GETTING UP MANY TIMES IN THE NIGHT 6 suggestions for resuming sleep in the middle of the night


It's aggravating to wake up several times during the night. You'll be able to sleep again if you follow these six suggestions.

Many causes can cause you to lose your well-deserved sleep in the middle of the night, whether it's a nasty dream or too many ideas in your head. If this happens frequently, you should consider how to deal with sleep disruptions. We'll give you six suggestions to help you sleep again.

1. Dehumidify the space

In an interview with "Bustle," psychologist Denise Limongello notes, "Studies have shown that people are better at going asleep in colder conditions, and waking up is often a result of overheating." Simply open the window when you wake up and leave it tilted for the remainder of the night. Temperatures in the bedroom should be between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius, by the way.

2. Make use of relaxing techniques

Concentrate on your body and breathing. If you feel tense, this can help you relax. It's entirely up to you which relaxation technique you use: According to the National Sleep Foundation in the United States, yoga, meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation can help you fall asleep again.

3. jot down a to-do list

It is true that it is preferable if you have already written down all of your thoughts before going to bed and have made a to-do list for the next day. If this isn't the case, simply make up for it later in the evening: this is the only way to break the cycle of your thoughts. Keeping a list of your to-dos will lessen the tension of forgetting anything crucial.

4. have a late-night snack

Hunger is often the culprit for waking you up in the middle of the night. "If you make your meal too early in the day, you can wake up hungry at night," Limoncello warns. As a result, eating a bit later may be good. However, you should pay special attention to what you eat in that case: Pizza, for example, acts as a stone in the stomach, whereas lettuce ferments and keeps your stomach from resting. Our first recommendation is to eat a little midnight snack to allow your stomach (and, eventually, your head) to rest.

5. stay away from the sun
You turn on the light to read or do something else if you can't fall asleep at night. Keep in mind, though, that light disrupts your body's natural cycle and causes it to get confused. This is due to the fact that the body takes it as a signal to stand up. If you really must have brightness (for example, to create a to-do list), muted light or candles should suffice.

6. Relieve the stress
"People who have sleep difficulties frequently tell us that they put pressure on themselves to get back to sleep, which can lead to increased worry and frustration," adds Limoncello. And if you're terrified of falling asleep, you won't solve your problems; on the contrary, you'll make them worse. Even if you can't sleep, simply lying down and resting will leave you feeling much more refreshed the next morning than if you've been tossing and turning in bed all night. So there's no harm in not sleeping one night; your body will catch up with you eventually.
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