5 thoughts that confident women have every day.

 Over the years I have been helping women become confident and self-confident. There is something that I have noticed over the years and it is true, these women have more thoughts than they can handle. When I ask them, "What do you have in mind," often they give me a blank stare or just nod their head. It's almost like they don't even know what to say! So, here are 5 thoughts that confident women have every day.

The first thought that most women have is, "I have too much to do." Too many women sit in their minds thinking about all of the things that need to get done and not many hours in the day to actually accomplish any of it. They let their mind clutter up with all of the things that they have to do and they never take five minutes a day to dedicate to themselves. Women with busy schedules are usually stressed out and depressed. If you are able to free your schedule for the betterment of yourself and your life, then you will feel so much more alive and vibrant.

The second thought that most women have is, "My day is too full of commitments." Every woman has a handful of commitments that she has to fulfill each day and if she does not prioritize them well, she finds that they run away from her and she never really gets anything accomplished. You must be able to prioritize your time and make sure that you are giving yourself the time for the important things. This way, you will be satisfied with how your day is going and have more confidence each day.

The third thought that confident women have is, "I am not good enough." You must believe in yourself. You cannot be successful unless you believe in yourself and your abilities. Many times women doubt themselves because of what society says about women. Society portrays women to be perfectionists and very self-confident. To overcome these negative views about yourself, you must learn to develop your mind so that it is filled with positivity.

The fourth thought that most women have is, "I must be doing something wrong if people are paying me a lot of money." Most times, women do not take time to evaluate themselves. They simply go with what their mind tells them. If your mind says you are a successful and financially stable woman, then your body surely shows this to the world. You must find ways to determine whether you are achieving success or not. By believing and visualizing yourself as a successful woman, you will begin to see your self-worth increase.

Finally, the fifth thought that most confident women have been, "I must be doing something right if I get along with my friends and family." You must believe in yourself so that your friends and family will feel confident around you. Confidence can help build strong relationships with others. Your relationships will flourish when you are surrounded by positive thoughts.

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