These are the 7 most common eyeliner mistakes

 The perfect eyeliner does not want to succeed and resembles a blurred line? Then you are probably making at least one of these mistakes.

1. the perfect line

When applying eyeliner, most people use their natural eye shape as a guide. However, the key is not to emphasize the shape of your eyes, but to figure out what looks best on you individually.

For example, if your eyelids hang down a little, it will look unflattering if the ends of the eyeliner also slant downward. It is better to let the eyeliner line run a little longer and at a 45-degree angle upwards.

2. the perfect consistency

A solid wax or a liquid gel? Long or short tip? Once you've found the right eyeliner, you'll have a much easier time applying it later.

Beginners should start with a waterproof gel pencil with a long trip, as it is easier to apply and lasts a long time. Advanced users switch to soft, liquid eyeliners. This smudge more quickly and therefore need to be applied with more care.

Dramatic smokey eyes look links best with a black eyeliner pencil.

3. waterproof or not?

Because the dark line usually does not succeed the first time, many reach for a water-soluble eyeliner to be able to remove it more easily. A big mistake!

Because no matter whether you are surprised by spontaneous rain showers, you want to quickly fish an eyelash out of your eye or it is particularly warm in the summer - only waterproof eyeliner lasts all day and prevents panda eyes.

4. the perfect base

Not only waterproof eyeliner but also powder and eyeshadow base prevent smudging of the look. Before drawing the eyeliner, it is best to apply a base, like the one used for eyeshadow, on the eyelid. Alternatively, you can also wet the eyelid with a compact powder.

5 The perfect application

One of the biggest mistakes when painting eyeliner is not applying it close enough to the lash line. The final result is best when the color is applied almost in the spaces between the lashes.

Tip: It is best to use a brush to smudge the color into the spaces between the lashes.

6 The perfect curl

Beauty bloggers always make it look so easy: The eyeliner is applied to the lash line and with a quick pull, the perfect eyelid line is created.

In reality, you have to be a little more patient and rather set many small strokes that you connect with each other. This minimizes mistakes that are usually hard to correct.

7. above, below, both?

We know this from YouTube tutorials, too: an eyeliner stroke is also applied to the lower lash line. However, this makes the eyes visually smaller and should therefore only be used for advanced looks. Then, however, not in dark colors, but rather in a lighter tone that makes the eyes look more awake and radiant.

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