Make yourself look younger with these 10 makeup tips.

We may simply fakeaway a few years with these 15 basic styling methods and look fresher and younger in no time.


Anti-aging isn't something that should be discussed on the operating table. With a few simple beauty tips, you may also appear younger! Because we can fool ourselves into thinking we're older than we really are. Our impression is influenced by our complexion, brows, and hair. We'll show you how to cover wrinkles with makeup and which cosmetic tactics work as an optical lift to make you look younger!

Tip 1: Get rid of dark circles.

Dark shadows or minor creases around the eyes can be concealed with concealer. Blend a very thin layer of concealer into the inner corner of your eye and under your eyes. Important: Select the correct concealer color. When it comes to powder, it's preferable to go with a lighter tone than the rest of your makeup. For avoiding bluish veins from flashing through, products with a yellowish undertone are good. We have even more dark-circle-fighting advice for you.

Tip 2: Make the Naso-Labial Wrinkle Look Bigger

With a little concealer, the naso-labial creases surrounding the lips can also appear less deep. Apply the product to the naso-labial line with the applicator, then pat and smooth with your fingertips.

Tip 3: Welcome to the world of beauty! For a more awake appearance

Spread concealer under the brows and on the lids without makeup for a more awake look. This visibly brightens the eye area and gives it a more dazzling appearance. Dab softly shimmering champagne eye shadow or highlighter into the inner corners of the eyes for a boost to the look.

Tip #4: Make sure your face is in good shape.

Wrinkle filler creams can help us look five years younger, which is especially vital before we put on makeup and apply it since it settles into the wrinkles far too easily. Wrinkle fillers frequently include mattifying silica, fast-smoothing waxes and oils, and light-reflecting particles that have an immediate effect: they lay over the skin and wrinkles like a soft focus. A simple small lift that can be used at home or on special occasions.

Tip #5: Use eyeliner to define your eyes.

Bright eyes can fool you into thinking you're seven years younger and ingeniously distract you from wrinkles. A beautiful eyeliner is a must-have. It optically thickens the eyelashes, which have become sparse over time. After that, use an eyelash curler to give the hairs an upward curve, then apply volume mascara or a special white base mascara to give the lashes additional fullness before applying regular mascara.

Tip #6: Arranging your brows

If our brows are in good form, we can simply smuggle five years away. And here's how it goes: Remove hairs that are frantically developing below the arch, and pluck the last third of the hairs more narrowly towards the finish. You appear to be more alert right away. Using a medium brown pencil in small strokes, emphasize pale brows. For a more natural look, use brow powder to touch up finer hairs. If your brows are exceedingly sparse, don't go for the bar thanks to the pencil solution! We show you what to think about when plucking your brows.

Apple cheeks (tip 7)

Pink blush, when used sparingly, resembles the fine blush of young skin since it shimmers wonderfully. It brightens the sallow complexion when worn over foundation, which is a common effect as people age. If hot pink is too much for you, try a gentle apricot. Smile first, no joke, because this raises the cheeks and creates a little hollow beneath the cheekbones. Sweep a little powder blush back and forth along the hollow with a broad brush (a rosewood colour suits most ladies). Finally, apply a dash of color to the cheeks. If your skin tone is a little darker, putting bronzer on the cheeks is also a nice touch. Apply with a large blush brush.

Tip #8: Avoid dark lip tones.

The lips appear thinner when the red and brown tones are extremely strong. A clear gloss or a softer pink or apricot lipstick looks more youthful. For a more realistic effect, draw the edges with a colorless contour pencil and lightly blur the contour. When using bright tones, keep in mind that narrow lips and minor wrinkles around the mouth will stand out even more. We teach you how to apply make-up on your lips in our make-up school.

Tip 9: Make a highlight reel.

If you apply too much mattifying powder, it will settle in your creases and make your face look lifeless; instead, use transparent powder for makeup. Individual parts of the skin that are slightly shiny appear much more radiant. A highlighter with light-reflecting particles can be used to create accents. Powders can be used on the face or dรฉcolletรฉ whether applied directly with a brush or blended with a day cream. Fluids can be smudged with a finger to accentuate specific features such as the eyelids, chin, and cheekbones.

Tip 10: Take good care of your lovely hands.

The true age is revealed by the hands: Those who are prone to pigment stains on their hands should take extra precautions. It's crucial to use a lot of cream so that your hands don't look dry and wrinkled. Here are some more anti-aging tips for your hands.

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