HAIR THINNING Interesting facts and instructions


Thick hair is a blessing and a curse at the same time: It's nice to have a lot of volume on your head, but too much hair can quickly ruin your hairstyle. In this case, the hair can be thinned out. Here you can find out exactly how to do it and what you need to keep in mind!
When should you thin out your hair? 
We are often proud of our full mane - but there are also situations in which very full and

thick hair can be disturbing:

The hairstyle just doesn't sit as it should because of the thick hair.
Certain haircuts give the appearance of having a wig on when you have very thick hair ... especially when it comes to straight-cut bob hairstyles or short hairstyles like the pixie cut.
Your hair is so heavy that it hangs down flat with no bounce or shape at all.
You want to twist in curls, but they immediately unhook.
Up-dos just won't hold because of the mass of hair - no matter how many hair clips you use, they won't help! 
Too heavy hair can cause headaches and neck pain, a little more lightness would be nice ...
You feel that your thick hair doesn't match your overall appearance? Maybe you should consider thinning it out because especially for small women, thick hair can sometimes look disproportionate.

Thinning hair: How to do it single-handedly
You'll need:

a pair of double-sided effigy scissors
a comb

Tip: Affiliation scissors are available for little money in the drugstore or online. They are special scissors with teeth that are perfect for thinning. They only cut away individual strands of hair without causing a complete cut. Make sure they are double-sided affiliation scissors - single-sided scissors will take away too much hair.

Prerequisites: Freshly washed and dry hair, free of styling products!

How to:

Comb your hair thoroughly.
Divide your entire hair into two equal sections using a line down to the nape of your neck.
Then take out a single strand with a thickness of about 3 to 4 centimeters and comb this strand.
Take the effigy scissors, place them in the middle of the strand, and pull it down. Hold your hair at the tips while doing this. As soon as you cut with the effigy scissors, you will see that some will come loose. Continue with the scissors, repeatedly placing a few inches further down the strand until you reach your fingers. The strand of hair will therefore become thinner and thinner towards the tips.
Work your way through all the strands and continue with the second section of hair ...
In the end, comb the hair again and touch up individual strands if necessary.
Do's and Dont's when thinning hair
How often you use the Affiliation Scissors, you must weigh well. If the hair is thinned out too much, it can look like a hair breakage in the worst case.
Do not use them too close to the head: If the hair is thinned out in this area, the short hairs could stick out in a tangled mess - and you want to avoid that at all costs!

Alternatives for thinning the hair
If you don't want to go straight for the effigy scissors, you can also try the following alternatives:

Rinse your hair in cold water after shampooing: this will straighten the hair.
Use designated shampoos and conditioners to smooth the hair.
Blow-dry your hair while using the paddle brush - this will make it smoother!
Use a straightening iron (apply for heat protection beforehand).

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