FRUIT ACID PEELING My salvation for acne in old age

Unclean skin in your 30s or 40s is not only unattractive, but it may also be a pain. Our author had had enough of her poor skin and irritating tips and decided to get a professional fruit acid peel.

Franziska Steinberg is a writer who lives in New York City.

The mere mention of the term "fruit acid peeling" made me think I could feel a scorching sensation on my face. However, if you suddenly develop pimples in your old age and are looking for a cure to this late-puberty condition, you will soon become involved with this treatment. Should I go ahead and do it?

But what exactly is a fruit acid peel?

An acid is administered to the skin to remove the top layer of skin, stimulating your own skin to renew itself, as the name implies. This not only restores a natural shine but can also aid acne sufferers in reducing deep craters and gradually renewing sick skin. After treatment, nourishing active ingredients permeate the skin more effectively, and the skin regains its ability to replenish itself with moisture. At first, it doesn't appear to be a problem.

Acne in old age: diet, stress and other causes

Yes, the skin is the mirror of the soul and if it is not pure and shines like a diamond, something in the body must be broken. So there I was, looking like a crumb cake, trying in painstaking detail to cover the blemished areas on my face in the morning, and then I was allowed to hear that I just don't treat myself well. Or that a little less make-up would suit me better. Or that the super expensive foundation is certainly to blame for the fact that I have such blemished skin. Oh, screw you guys! Yes, something is probably out of balance in my body. Shit happens! Maybe I had stress, maybe it was the hormonal ups and downs of the last few years, maybe I'm just getting older. Maybe I didn't get enough fresh air. Or maybe I was too tired to do yoga every day at sunrise and too cheap to whip up that balanced Poké Bowl for lunch. Now I have the salad. Uh, the fast food. And pimples. I have experienced for myself that a healthy diet, regular exercise, drinking plenty of water, fresh air, and rest are essential for beautiful skin. But don't we all have bad phases sometimes? Or no time? Then it is often easier and not reprehensible for me to reach into the beauty trick box than to first turn my life around to see if it works. I have not yet tested a fruit acid peel, but now was the right time for it.

Is it better to go to a salon or do it yourself?

There are usually fruit acid items that are touted, both in the pharmacy and in the high-end market, that is also incredibly good. I treated myself to a visit to the beautician because I had respect for the word "acid" and evidently do too little for myself anyhow, and I did not regret it. First and foremost, she gave me the impression that my so-called issue skin was not so bad after all, and that we would work together to get it under control. So there you have it! However, it became evident very soon that a single therapy would not be enough to move me very far. Fruit acid peeling is a one-time treatment that cleanses the skin and makes it instantly fresher and crisper. A jolt of energy for tired faces

How does the fruit acid peeling therapy work?

My skin was initially examined by the beautician, who then adjusted the acid content to suit it. We'll gradually raise the dosage week by week, allowing the skin to adjust to the chemical component. For this reason alone, it is preferable to have the peeling done by a professional rather than experimenting with products or home treatments at home - even if the dosages are obviously much lower. Granted, the sulfur-like odor of the peeling was not particularly appealing to me. However, contrary to my expectations, it did not cause skin irritation. Every week, the tranquility and relaxation provided by the treatments was a mini-wellness experience for me. During the treatment,

How does the treatment with fruit acid peeling proceed?

The beautician first analyzed my skin and adjusted the acid content to it. We will increase from week to week and thus the skin slowly gets used to the chemical substance. For this reason alone, it is worth having the peeling done by a professional and not experimenting with products or home remedies at home - even if these are, of course, nowhere near as high a dosage. Granted: I did not find the sulfur-like smell of the peeling particularly pleasant. But contrary to my expectations, it did not burn the skin. The peace and relaxation during the treatments were a little wellness experience for me every week. During the cure, my face received special care. It flaked a bit between treatments and felt drier than usual, which I managed well with the creams. In addition, the skin is extremely sensitive after a fruit acid peel, as the topmost, keratinized skin layers are removed, allowing all pollutants directly to the "new skin". Therefore, a high sun protection factor is mandatory and further stressful treatments are prohibited. The skin should simply be left alone. A slightly rosy redness is normal - only it should not burn. 

And what was the end result? Fruit acid peeling has been a learning experience for me.

Okay, the cure cost about 350 euros, so it wasn't cheap, but it was well worth it for me. My skin has not only won the battle against the ugly pollutants, but it also looks fresher, healthier, and more radiant as a result of the fruit acid peeling. I've even lost a few wrinkles. When I look in the mirror, I see a younger, happier version of myself. Those close to me are now commenting on how I appear to have turned a corner and am doing more for myself. Mmm, that's right. They're correct. I don't like to faze my diamond-like beauty right now because I regard the expert fruit acid peel as a long-term investment.

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