LOSS FAULTS This is how you should never start your diet!

We usually start a diet highly motivated. But a few things can also spoil a successful start. Here's what you should watch out for!
How many times have we been highly motivated to start a diet - only to break it off shortly afterward in frustration? Probably countless times. Often it is only a small thing that we have not considered. Before the next weight loss attempt, we should therefore find and avoid a few small mistakes.

1. you set yourself too big goals
Ten kilos less in four weeks? That sounds tempting and is with a zero diet perhaps even to create. But it is unhealthy and completely ineffective! If you lose weight so quickly, you'll gain it back as soon as you start eating reasonably normally again - the yo-yo effect sends its regards. Also, the body can slip into an undersupply of the most important nutrients - and go on strike in its own way, for example by the circulatory system collapsing. 
Better: Set small realistic goals and be happy about every success.

2. you do not allow yourself anything
Of course, a certain discipline is necessary if you want to lose weight. But to deny yourself every little sin is usually not goal-oriented. Because then at some point, you'll suddenly be overcome by an indomitable ravenous appetite and you'll empty the entire refrigerator. It's better to treat yourself to your favorite snack once a day - on a small scale. It's better to have just one piece of chocolate and not the whole bar.

4. you demand too much from yourself
The right motivation gives us wings: Suddenly it's no longer a problem to run three kilometers a day and to give up carbohydrates every evening.
 But the sad fact is: that motivation doesn't last forever. It can be enough if the pointer on the scale just won't budge for a week for us to fall into a deep frustration hole. Better: Set fixed times for training - and don't go through the workout every day. If you know that the short jog is always scheduled for Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, you'll develop a routine more quickly and won't give up so quickly.

5. you only measure your success on the scale
Sure, it's a nice feeling when you see your kilos tumbling on the scale. But: If you build up muscles (and you should if you want to lose weight), you will probably gain some weight after a short time. Because muscles are heavier than fat. To keep the frustration level low, it's best to measure your waist and hip circumference at the beginning of the diet and take photos of yourself. This will reveal any success that the scales are not telling you about.


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