Fitness training: Fit and toned

More muscle, less fat? There's hardly a better way to achieve this than good old fitness training. Let's get started with the sweaty full-body program!
1. instantaneous action
How to perform it:
  • Run-on the spot with your upper body upright and slightly forward, rolling your feet well (A). 
  • Cross the stretched arms at the bottom behind the back (B) and the top in front of the head (A) at the same time (C).
  •  The spine extends beyond the head. Wrists and hands are stretched. Benefits: Activates the heart and circulatory system, as well as promotes mobility in the body.

2. push-up bridge
How to do it: 
  • Push-up position, hands under shoulders, fingers pointing forward, elbows extended. Shoulders out, head in the extension of spine, torso, pelvis, and legs form a line (no hollow back - no round back).
  • Legs and feet are hip-width open, and the balls of the feet are placed (A).
  • From this position, crawl feet first through arms forward (B) into bench position, keeping hands on the floor if possible.
  •  In the bench position (C), the chest is lifted. The upper body, pelvis, and thighs form a line, lower legs are vertical, and feet parallel to each other.
  •  From the bench position, do a half turn around your own axis (D), then return to the push-up position (A), and start again ... The benefits: Exercises strength and flexibility from head to toe.

3. criss-cross
How to do it: 
  • Stand in a wide straddle with knees slightly bent and pointing toward the tops of the feet, arms open more than shoulder-width up.
  •  The upper body is upright and in a slight forward lean. Now alternately move one hand behind the body to the opposite foot with the arm extended, the knee of the bent leg continues to point outward.
  •  The other arm remains up, and the standing leg remains slightly bent.
  •  The upper body is always in a slight forward lean. Return to the start position. Change sides dynamically and smoothly. 
  • Benefits: Improves endurance and coordination.

4. beanbag
How to do it: 
  • Sit on the floor with legs bent, knees and feet closed, upper body as upright as possible in a slight backend. 
  • Now alternately shift weight to the right and left sides of the pelvis and bring the arms to the opposite side. So: weight on the right side of the pelvis, knees to the right, the stretched arms parallel to each other to the left (A) and vice versa (B).
  •  The upper body remains as long as possible. 
The benefits: Strengthens the oblique and transverse abdominal muscles.

5. cloister
How to do it: 
  • Step position, right leg slightly bent forward, knee over midfoot. Upper body inclined forward in an upright position.
  •  The right arm extended upward as an extension of the torso - palm facing inward. Left hand supported at the side, left leg stretched back, ball of foot touching floor (A).
  •  Now, with the upper body as upright as possible, bring the right elbow and left knee together (B) and return to starting position. 
  • weight remains in front, the supporting leg bent. Dynamic! 30 seconds, then switch sides. Benefits: Builds endurance, leg strength, and stability.

6. backward X
How to go about it: 
  • Prone position with arms and legs extended beyond shoulder width and hips open.
  •  Toes are pointed up, palms facing in, and shoulders are pushed back and away from the ears (A). Bring one hand over the side to the diagonally opposite foot and pull the lower leg toward the buttocks on alternate occasions (B+C). 
  • The upper body is kept flat, while the pelvis is firmly planted on the ground. 
  • The advantages include: It helps to strengthen the back of the body.

7. toes
How to go about it: 
  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your hands braced at your sides (A).
  •  For about 10 seconds, walk quickly on the spot, pulling the heels towards the buttocks (B). Maintain a slight forward lean with your upper body. 
  • Pull the knees forward and up toward the abdomen (kneel) alternately (C). The upper body continues to tilt forward.
  •  Move your legs briskly and forcefully! 

8. half folding knife
How to do it:
  •  Supine position, legs hip-width open and stretched on the floor, arms shoulder-width open and stretched above the head, palms inside. 
  • Now lift the right leg stretched with tension until it is vertical, and tighten the foot. At the same time, raise the upper body in a controlled manner and bring the hands toward the feet. The left leg remains as stretched as possible on the floor. 
  • Pull shoulders far out and away from ears. 
  • Slowly return to starting position, then switch sides. Benefits: Strengthens the straight abdominal muscles.


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