Abdominal muscles must be strengthened in order to have a flat body center.

 You can properly develop your abdominal muscles with these six tough workouts. Get ready for a gorgeous and flat midsection!

He's a fantastic pal. He understands what's right when we're stuck on a decision. He notices when we're in love before we do. He doesn't hide his anxiety either: What's wrong with us always comes from our gut. But, what's the matter with him now? We're fantasizing about a bikini body, and he's right in the middle of it. When we stare at him reproachfully, he puts on a roll of fat and remains silent. How are we going to fix it together?

Exercise your abdominal muscles: This is how it works

After all, it's only a matter of a few more muscles and a few kilos less. But the combination seems to be the difficulty ... The good news: If you want to train your "belly legs butt" muscles and get rid of the rolls, you can do it pretty quickly. Because studies show that with a healthy diet and some training around the waist, we lose pounds first. The abdominal muscles are grateful workout partners: they can be built up within three to four weeks.

Fit and flat for a narrow waist

These exercises are the foundation of our abdominal workout. They strengthen the straight, oblique, and deep abdominal muscles. Well, you'll have to go through...

1. cycling for the washboard abs

This exercise strengthens the straight abdominal muscles and the hip flexor and shapes the waist-hip area. Starting position: supine, arms rest beside the body, lift legs so that thighs are vertical and lower legs are parallel to the floor. Bend feet. Let's go: Cross arms in front of the body and bring them toward the knees. Then lift your head and shoulders off the floor. The gaze goes to the top in front. Now alternate extending the right and left leg. 6-8 times per side. 3 sets. 

Important: Do not pull the chin to the chest, keep the head in the extension of the spine. This gives great abs!

2. Plank roll for a six-pack

What the exercise does: It strengthens and straightens the entire front trunk and shoulder muscles. Starting posture: Come into the forearm support from the prone position. Elbows are positioned below the shoulders. Palms are touching and forearms are on the floor. Come up on your toes with your legs stretched out long. Line up your legs, torso, and head (a). Let's get started: Roll back and forth over toes, moving your entire body back and forth like a flat board (b). 8 to 10 times There are three sets. 

Important: Maintain a straight back with no lumbar spine drooping.

3. The professional workout: the sit-up

This workout sculpts the waist and flattens the abdomen by strengthening the straight and oblique abdominal muscles. Starting position: supine with legs bent and feet tucked beneath a low sofa so they don't fall off. Arms are positioned next to the body. Knees should be positioned to one side. Let's get started: Bend arms and point fingertips toward ears, as in the classic crunch (a). Raise your head and torso off the floor (b). Lower yourself again, but don't lie down. 6 to 8 times There are three sets.

 Variants: Exercise the oblique abdominal muscles by alternating bringing the left elbow to the right knee and vice versa.

4. Use your needles to run

The workout develops the core muscles, as well as the back and arms. Coordination and balance are improved, and the contour of the complete upper body is balanced. Start in a prone posture, stretch your legs, rest your feet on a sofa or chair, and put your weight on your toes. Look down with your arms long under your shoulder and your weight on your hands. A line is formed by the legs, upper body, and head. A ball, for example, can be found next to the left hand (a).

 Let's get started: Release your left hand from the floor and take a "step" over the object (b), followed by your right hand (c). Then it's back. 6 to 8 times There are three sets.

5. side support for the figure

This is what the exercise does: train the oblique abdominal muscles and the trunk. Makes a narrow waist.

 Starting position: lateral position, put your feet on a sofa or chair, on top of each other or side by side, legs stretched. The lower arm goes into forearm support on the floor, and the hand of the upper supports in front of the abdomen. Legs, upper body, and head form a horizontal line (a). 

Let's go: Now alternately lower the hips toward the floor (b), without touching it, then bring them back in line. 6-8 times, then change sides. 3 sets.

The abdominal muscles burn in the unsteady quadruped position.

The following are some of the advantages of this activity: The workout strengthens the deep muscles, also known as core muscles, resulting in a slimmer shape and improved balance. Starting position: quadrupedal, with the head extended down the spine. 

LET'S GET STARTED: Raise your left leg and right arm to a horizontal position (a). Close your eyes and hold the position for 10-20 seconds, slightly strain the inner abdominal muscles. Change sides. three times Pull the lower leg and the supporting leg's foot higher for advanced (b).

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