5 reasons to shave your face


Admittedly, shaving your face sounds scary. But if you're just asking yourself "does it really have to be done?", the answer is a huge "YES"! Far too few know about this beauty hack that couldn't be easier. These 5 reasons will convince you to shave your face! 

Body hair is a touchy subject. For years, it was socially prescribed for women to shave their armpits, legs, and even the lady beard after all, please. But the topic of facial shaving has nothing to do with it - because of course, no one HAS to do anything here. After these 5 reasons, you will swing the razor completely voluntarily.

1. radiant baby skin

Our whole body is hairy. On the face, it is mainly fine, light hairs. When light hits the surface of our skin, these hairs absorb the radiation, making our complexion less radiant. And when it comes to skin, anything that reflects and shines looks plump and radiates youthfulness. So when you shave your facial hair, the skin reflects the incoming light better and gives you the legendary glow effect! 

But there's more to baby skin than just glow. When you touch and wash your face, you will immediately notice after shaving: your skin has never been so soft, smooth, and soft! Well, maybe it was when you were a baby. But probably no one can remember that, so - NEVER! But this is only partly due to the removed hairs. Especially point two is responsible for it.

2. goodbye skin flakes! 

Together with the fine hairs, dead skin cells are also removed during shaving. Together with sebum residues and product residues, the annoying pore closers say goodbye to your face. It is therefore at the same time a mechanical peeling - which makes your skin look healthy and prevents impurities. The peeling effect also stimulates the renewal of skin cells and the revitalization process. Regular shaving, this reduces pigmentation spots, sun damage, and discoloration after pimples. 

The result is a visibly refined complexion. Acne scars and slight wrinkles are smoothed. Through facial shaving, lower layers of the skin are better supplied with oxygen - blood circulation is also stimulated. The skin surface is freed, which leads to the third advantage.

3. cosmetics work more effectively

No matter how many steps your face care routine has - you should always get the best out of every product. And you can do that - surprise - if you shave your face! Because when your skin is free of hairs and dead skin cells, it can absorb your cosmetic products much better. They penetrate the skin more intensively and unfold their full effect. For this reason, you must also wear sunscreen on the days after shaving: your skin is more sensitive, which is an advantage for active ingredients, but dangerous for UV rays.  

4. your make-up has never looked so good

Having more beautiful skin without makeup is one advantage. But the biggest difference you'll notice is in your makeup: your foundation has never looked so even, I promise! Because especially in the white hairs, also lovingly called "fluff", the products collect and lie unattractively. Due to the shaved, smooth surface, the products blend beautifully with the skin. The end result looks much more natural as a result. The makeup also lasts longer because it adheres better to bare surfaces. 

5. less irritating

Compared to epilating or waxing, shaving is a better choice. That hair grows back faster, thicker or blacker is a myth and not true. You won't feel it - promise! As fluffy as they were before, they will be after. And if you realize after your first time shaving that it's not for you, everything will be back to normal in five weeks. Yes, if you shave carelessly, your skin can become irritated. With strong acne, Rosacea, or other skin diseases you should anyway leave the fingers of the razor!  If you follow these tips, everything will go smoothly:

Here's how to do it right: 

Use an eyebrow razor or scalpel, not a conventional body razor. It is very important that you clean and disinfects the blade beforehand. Then, in the first step, apply a cleansing oil to dry the skin. Take six to eight pumps and massage them into your face. Alternatively, you can use baby oil or another unscented oil. It is best to start at the jaw and slowly and carefully work your way up. Small movements in and against the direction of growth work best. In tricky places like the mouth area, you can also stretch your skin with your other hand. Really don't leave out any area of the face - a magnifying mirror and good light will reveal even the tiniest hairs.

When you're done, wash the oil off with water. Then cleanse the skin again with a mild cleanser. After shaving, do not use perfumed products or those that contain a lot of alcohol. Soothing ingredients are e.g. Allantoin, Panthenol, Hyaloron, Glycerin, or Niacinamide. Jojoba oil or squalane also has a nourishing effect and do not clog pores. Sunscreen should always be worn during the day, but especially on the days after shaving it is a must. 

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