Weight loss can be aided by exercising before breakfast.

According to a British study, exercising before breakfast increases fat burning by up to 20%. Everything you need to know is right here.

To be honest, not everyone enjoys getting up early, especially not exercising. However, British experts believe that this could be just what you need to reduce a few pounds. Sports in the morning and on an empty stomach, according to their research at the University of Northumbria, can considerably increase fat burning. The study's findings appeared in the British Journal of Nutrition.

Exercise first thing in the morning boosts calorie burn.
Twelve healthy male patients were put on the treadmill at 10:00 a.m. for the study by Dr. Emma Stevenson, her colleague Javier Gonzalez, and their team. Half of the subjects had had breakfast before the training session, while the other half ate breakfast only afterward. The amount of food eaten was meticulously recorded. Everyone got a chocolate shake after the running workout, and everyone had pasta for lunch. 

The results were impressive: individuals who worked out on the treadmill before breakfast burnt up to 20% more fat than those who worked out after breakfast.
The body's glucose stores are mainly depleted overnight, which could explain the phenomena. Those who exercise first thing in the morning, on the other hand, require energy, which the body typically obtains from fat reserves.

There is no increase in appetite as a result of exercise.
And higher fat burning isn't the only benefit of exercising first thing in the morning: the researchers had predicted that exercising before breakfast would make the subjects feel hungry. This was not the case; the subjects did not feel any more hungry, nor did they consume any more than those who had eaten breakfast prior to training.

3 suggestions for morning workouts
Of course, the study must account for the limited number of participants, thus the findings should be regarded with caution. However, exercising first thing in the morning can be quite beneficial! Do you want to attempt early workouts as well? 
These three pointers will assist you:

  • Warm-up properly: Our joint fluid grows a little thicker at night, so it takes a while for the muscles to really get moving in the morning. As a result, you should thoroughly warm-up before exercising: For instance, jog a few steps on the spot while stretching your arms out to your sides and circling them. If you want to run, start slowly and gradually increase your speed.
  • Find a sports partner: It's hard to overcome one's inner weakness - especially for those who find it hard to get out of bed anyway. A sports partner can help you overcome this more easily - because those who have a fixed date usually have a high inner hurdle to cancel.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast: It's entirely up to you whether you eat breakfast before or after you exercise. However, you should pay attention to what ends up on your plate in order to avoid jeopardizing your training success: Complex carbs and fiber, such as those found in oatmeal or whole-grain bread, are just as beneficial as a substantial protein source like yogurt or low-fat quark. Nuts, seeds, and berries are additional nutritious breakfast options.


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