Fruit acid peeling: My salvation for acne in old age

Young woman gets an exfoliation

Skin that is impure after the age of 30 or 40 is not only ugly, but it can also be a pain. Our author had had enough of her poor skin and irritating tips and decided to get a professional fruit acid peel.

I imagined I could feel the searing sensation on my face just by hearing the word "fruit acid peeling." However, if you are dealing with pimples in old age and are looking for a cure to this late adolescent condition, you will soon learn how to use this treatment. Should I go ahead and do it?

But what exactly is a fruit acid peeling?
An acid is administered to the skin, which eliminates the top layer of skin and stimulates your own skin to renew, as the name implies. This not only restores the skin's natural radiance but also helps acne sufferers diminish deep craters and gradually renew the sick surface. After a treatment, nourishing active ingredients penetrate the skin better, and the skin acquires greater strength to provide itself with moisture. At first, it doesn't appear to be a problem.

Acne in old age can be caused by a variety of factors, including food, stress, and other factors.
Yes, the skin is a reflection of the spirit, and if it isn't flawless and gleams like a diamond, something in the body is damaged. 
So I looked like a crumble cake in the morning, and in the afternoon, I painstakingly covered up the flaws on my face, and then I was permitted to listen to the fact that I wasn't doing well with myself. Or perhaps I'd look better with a bit less make-up on. Or maybe it's the super-expensive foundation that's to blame for your blemished skin. Oh, you're welcome to do me! Yes, something in my body is probably out of whack. Things happen! Maybe I was anxious, maybe it was the hormonal ups and downs of recent years, mother.

Now I'm eating a salad. Fast food, to be precise. As well as pimples. I was able to see firsthand how important proper diet, frequent exercise, plenty of water, fresh air, and breaks are for glowing skin. But don't we all go through rough patches? Or do you have no time? Then it's frequently easier and less repulsive for me to grab for the beauty bag of tricks than than changing my life first to see whether it works.
 I was able to demonstrate that for beautiful skin, a nutritious diet, regular exercise, enough water, fresh air, and breaks are vital. But don't we all go through rough patches? Or do you have no time? 
Then it's frequently easier and less terrible for me to delve into my cosmetic bag of tricks rather than fir

Is it better to go to a beauty shop or do it yourself?
Fruit acid products are constantly promoted, whether in the drugstore or in the high-end market, as being quite beneficial. However, I treated myself to the beautician because I had respect for the word "acid" and obviously do too little for myself anyhow - and I didn't regret it. First and foremost, it reassured me that my so-called problem skin was not as bad as I had imagined and that we could control it together. So there you have it! But it soon became clear that a single therapy would not go me very far. Fruit acid peeling is a unique therapy that clears the skin and makes it instantly fresher and crisper. A boost for tired faces with minor flaws. Pi is quite clear.

How does the fruit acid peeling therapy work?
My skin was initially examined by the beautician, who then adjusted the acid content accordingly. We'll gradually raise the dosage week by week, acclimating the leather to the chemical compound. For this reason alone, it is preferable to have the peeling done by a professional than attempting to treat yourself with products or home treatments - even if they are not as potent. To be honest, the sulfur-like scent of the peeling did not appeal to me. However, contrary to my expectations, it did not cause skin irritation. Every week, the rest and relaxation throughout the treatments served as a mini-wellness experience for me. My face was given a particular treatment.

And what was the end result? Fruit acid peeling has been a learning experience for me.
The remedy was not inexpensive, costing over 350 euros, but it was well worth it for me. My skin not only won the battle against dangerous pollutants thanks to the fruit acid peeling; it also looks younger, healthier, and more radiant. I've even lost a few wrinkles. When I look in the mirror, I see a younger, happier version of myself. Of course, my surroundings now appeal to me, and I appear to have gotten back on track and am doing more for myself. Mmm, that's right. You are correct. Because I adore my diamond-like beauty and consider expert fruit acid peeling to be a long-term investment,
  • I do not like to fall back into the pimple trap again. According to my miracle beautician, it doesn't happen that quickly, the acid already ensures that.
  • Nevertheless, now and then a little more vitamins end up on my plate, I drink a lot of water every day and treat myself to a relaxed walk in the fresh air more often.
  • It is suitable for the skin - and me too. And for everything else, there is a beauty bag of tricks.
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